Social Adult Day Care

A social adult day care (SADC) is a structured program that provides functionally impaired older adults with socialization, supervision, personal care, and nutrition in a protective setting.

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Standards & Rules

Pursuant to Local Law 9 of 2015, all SADCs operating in New York City must register with the Department for the Aging (DFTA) and must comply with all other provisions, including New York State Office for the Aging standards and Local Law 9.

Local Law 9 of 2015, codified at Section 21-204 of the Administrative Code, authorizes and requires DFTA to regulate social adult day care (SADC) programs.

DFTA is now promulgating a new rule in accordance with Section 21-204 of the Administrative Code. This rule adds a new Chapter 2 regarding SADCs to Title 69 of the Rules of the City of New York, separated into three new subchapters.

Subchapter 1 : Rules for the Ombuds Office complaint process

  • Section 2-01 Definitions of key terms for these rules
  • Sections 2-03 and 2-04 Processing complaints
  • Section 2-05 Investigations
  • Section 2-06 Factual determinations after an investigation
  • Section 2-07 Timely appeals
  • Section 2-08 Correcting a violation
Subchapter 2: SADC registrations
Subchapter 3: Schedule of civil penalties for violations


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All SADCs are required to register with DFTA prior to operating in New York City. SADCs are also required to keep their information up to date. Changes to information must be submitted no later than the effective date of the change. (This requirement is in addition to an annual certification required by the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General.)

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SADC Ombuds Office

To file a complaint or to inquire about any SADC in New York City, submit an inquiry online or call 311.


All SADCs are required to post a sign in plain view that includes the contact information for DFTA’s SADC Ombuds Office.

Download signs that outline the rights of older adults participating in SADC programs.