Street Outreach

Audio Description: Information on how HOME-STAT engaged and worked with a client, over time bringing them on the path to stable housing.

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Helping someone off the streets can take hundreds of contacts by HOME-STAT outreach teams. With persistence and compassion, outreach teams engage homeless New Yorkers 24/7 offering services, support, and safe housing. If you see someone in need, call 311 or use the 311 app.

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Street Homelessness & Outreach

Operating the most comprehensive street outreach program in the nation, the City’s Department of Homeless Services deploys HOME-STAT outreach teams 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, citywide, to canvass the five boroughs with the goal of engaging street homeless individuals and encouraging them to accept services and transition from from the streets into housing.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ending homelessness. Helping homeless New Yorkers transition off the streets is a top priority that we share with our dedicated not-for-profit partners who coordinate our persistent and compassionate outreach efforts across the five boroughs. With a dedicated service provider for each borough (the Manhattan Outreach Consortium, led by CUCS, in Manhattan; Breaking Ground in Brooklyn and Queens; BronxWorks in the Bronx; and Project Hospitality on Staten Island), HOME-STAT outreach teams working around the clock have helped 865 New Yorkers living on the streets transition indoors citywide in the first year of the program. Together, we remain united, undeterred, and committed to continuing proactive engagement until we make the connection that will help New Yorkers experiencing homelessness get back on their feet.

Homeless outreach efforts become more urgent during periods of extreme hot or cold weather and homeless New Yorkers seeking shelter during inclement weather in New York City will not be turned away. Implementing its Code Blue and Code Red procedures respectively, DHS redoubles efforts to help unsheltered homeless New Yorkers indoors during extreme temperatures by doubling the number of outreach staff in the field, enabling teams to check on vulnerable individuals more frequently, making regular, repeated contact to protect safety and continue to offer services and support.

Every day, DHS and its street outreach providers work to assist street homeless clients. For the most immediate response, New Yorkers who see individuals they believe to be homeless and in need should contact 3-1-1 via phone or mobile app and request outreach assistance.

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Code Blue

A Code Blue Weather Emergency notice is issued when the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m., including National Weather Service calculations for wind chill values. No one who is homeless and seeking shelter in New York City during a Code Blue will be denied. Should you see a homeless individual out in the cold, please call 311 and an outreach team will be dispatched to offer assistance. Code Blue Weather Emergencies include the following options for the homeless:

  • Shelters: During a Code Blue, shelter is available system-wide to accommodate anyone who is reasonably believed to be homeless and is brought to a shelter by outreach teams. Accommodations are also available for walk-ins.
  • Drop-in centers: All drop-in centers are open 24-hours per day when Code Blue procedures are in effect and will assist as many people as possible for the duration of the emergency. Drop-in staff can also make arrangements for homeless individuals at other citywide facilities.
  • Street homeless outreach: Teams will contact vulnerable individuals on their Code Blue Priority Lists to ensure safety and bring them to shelter. DHS coordinates Code Blue efforts directly with agencies such as NYPD, DSNY, and the Parks Department, at a borough level.


Outreach Spotlight

Audio Description: Information about HOME-STAT’s Street Outreach teams, a DHS program working with street homeless individuals to bring them on the path to stable housing.

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We are everywhere street homeless New Yorkers are. We are out 24/7, 365 days a year, in every borough. And we're committed to finding every person living on the streets. Stability and permanent housing can be a reality. But it can take anywhere from one to two hundred contacts to bring someone indoors. It's not easy, but changing lives never is. If you see someone in need, call 311 or use the 311 app.

Throughout the city, we deploy teams around the clock to encourage people living on the streets and in subways to move into transitional and permanent housing.