Young couple receiving a pair of keys 

One of our top priorities at NYC DSS-DHS is helping the New Yorkers who we serve maintain and secure their housing, as well as helping New Yorkers experiencing homelessness identify permanent housing opportunities and move out of shelter into that stable housing. To that end, immediately upon taking office, the de Blasio Administration stepped in to fill the gap left by the City and State’s cancellation of the Advantage rental assistance program in 2011 by creating and implementing a comprehensive range of new rental assistance programs as well as reinstating rehousing programs. To date, these important resources and programs have helped more than 150,000 children and adults remain in or secure permanent housing, with the vast majority exiting shelter into permanent housing.  

In addition, at our 26 Homebase locations across the five boroughs, dedicated staff are on hand to connect households exiting NYC-DHS with aftercare services as they transition to permanent housing and independent living.  

  • Individuals receive referrals to aftercare based on case-by-case evaluations of each household's unique needs and factors that may have previously contributed to their experience of homelessness, with the goal of building and maintaining skills developed during a household's time in shelter, including: employment and educational stability, addressing behavioral and mental health challenges, money management, independent living skills, financial literacy, and assistance obtaining public benefits.   
  • Homebase also supports households with their transition to independent living by:   
    • Reviewing tenant roles and responsibilities regarding their lease, and working with a landlord to resolve any tenancy concerns that may arise.   
    • Assisting with acclimating households to their neighborhood including nearby transportation, hospitals, schools, daycare as well as other community-based resources in the neighborhood.  
    • Helping tenants renew or restore their housing subsidy as needed. 

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Homebase locations are currently closed for in-person services. Please click on the following link to find the Homebase location that serves the ZIP code you currently reside in, along with the facility’s phone number.