Acting Commissioner Cynthia Brann
Commissioner Cynthia Brann

Cynthia Brann, Commissioner

Cynthia Brann was named Commissioner in October, 2017. She has 38 years of corrections and public safety experience. Commissioner Brann comes to DOC with four years of executive level responsibility as the Deputy Commissioner providing strategic planning, leading cultural and organizational change, implementing evidence based practices as well as integrating the work of the facilities and community divisions.

Her accomplishments include effective restructuring of adult probation services resulting in operational efficiencies, the reduction of caseloads and increased positive offender outcomes; reform of the juvenile detention decision processes and risk assessment tools resulting in statewide reduction in secure detention admissions without increased public safety risk and successfully embedding evidence-based policies and practices within the adult and juvenile divisions. From 2001 to 2011, Ms. Brann was a Regional Correctional Administrator overseeing all operations within a nine county division. From 1996 to 2001, she served as a Regional Resource Coordinator managing all offender program contracts and fiscal operations within a four county division. From 1989-1996 she performed the duties of a Probation and a Parole Officer supervising juvenile, adult and Intensive Supervision caseloads.

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