Hart Island

The Department of Correction is responsible for operating and maintaining New York City's public burial ground, which is located on Hart Island, in the Long Island Sound. The department has created a database of Hart Island burial records to help you determine whether someone has been interred on Hart Island, using basic information, such as name, date or location.

Visiting Hart Island

Hart Island is open to the public. There are two types of Hart Island visits: general visits to a gazebo area on the island and burial site visits for family members of those who are buried on the island. Each type of visit takes place once per month and all visitors must be registered before the visit day. Details of each type of visit are included in the Hart Island FAQ. For more information, please call the Hart Island Information Line at 718-546-0911.

Hart Island Grave Site Visit Request Form

For the Media

Twice a year, accredited members of the media may attend a two-hour tour of Hart Island. The tour can accommodate approximately five media outlets, with no more than two people per outlet. Participants on the tour are determined on a first-come, first-serve basis, and must complete the following forms beforehand:

• Certificate of Liability Insurance
• DOC Location Agreement
• Certification by Insurance Broker or Agent

Hart Island Resources