Under the leadership of Commissioner Vinny Schiraldi, who has spent the last six weeks touring all corners of our facilities and meeting with our staff, DOC is proud to announce the #NewDayDOC initiative. #NewDayDOC is a coordinated vision to improve fairness, wellness, and safety for all people working and living within our facilities. This plan seeks to care for our hardworking correctional staff by implementing solutions informed by their lived experiences and by creating pathways for better and safer conditions for everyone.

Corrections is among the toughest jobs in law enforcement. #NewDayDOC recognizes the humanity in our officers and those in our custody to create better environments to live and work in. This plan will roll out over the coming weeks and months and will continue to change as we listen to our staff and their needs.

Specifically, this plan will include:

  • Accelerating the repair of all cell doors in facilities, starting with RNDC
  • Implementing a plan to break up gang housing, beginning with young adults
  • Providing high quality medical care to staff through a reputable hospital provider
  • Ending triples tours as quickly as possible; but until then we are providing staff working triples with free rides home as well as free, catered meals during long tours
  • Realigning our discipline process to be fair and proportional 
  • Expanding tablet coverage and welcoming back program providers in order to meaningfully engage people in our care.
  • Re-establishing the Young Adult Task Force, a group of DOC staff, incarcerated youth, community members, and other stakeholders, and implement their recommendations on safety and programming
  • Communicating consistently with staff as we carry these actions out

Commissioner Schiraldi and his team are committed to making these changes, and many more, over the coming weeks and months. Caring for our staff, and those in our care, is the right thing to do, and we intend to do it. It’s a New Day at DOC and we look forward to bringing you more updates on the successful implementation of our plan in the near future.