Recruitment Unit

The Recruitment Unit serves as the face of DOC at Community Events, High Schools, College Fairs, Job Expos, Cultural Events, Open-Houses, Professional Organizations and Informational Sessions. The Unit provides information regarding DOC career opportunities, upcoming Correction Officer Exams, test taking techniques, job preparation skills, and mentoring. Furthermore, the Recruitment Unit also establishes and maintains working relationships with Veteran centers, High Schools, Colleges and Community leaders to implement and conduct a variety of recruiting and outreach awareness programs. Their mission is to recruit a steady pipeline of top-quality potential candidates who can be trained and mentored into quality Officers who reflect the diversity and talent of our City’s population.

Applicant Investigation Unit


The Applicant Investigation Unit (AIU) is responsible for the hiring of all Correction Officers throughout the NYC Department of Correction. Their directive is to ensure that the New York Department of Correction hires the most qualified Correction Officer candidates to join the Department. The candidates are chosen/selected from the Civil Service List. The candidates are investigated and evaluated medically, which includes an agility test and a psychological evaluation to determine the candidate’s fitness for duty. The applicant Investigation Unit investigates thousands of candidates.

Correction Academy


The Correction Academy provides classroom training for DOC uniform staff.   Staff are taught and trained in a variety of topics, to include: Interpersonal Communication Skills, Defensive Tactics, Firearms Training, First Aid/CPR, Adolescent Inmate Behavior Management, Mental Health Training, Inmate Disciplinary Procedures, Preventing Workplace Violence, Report Writing, Suicide Prevention and Intervention, and Use of Force/Use of Restraints Procedures. The Correction Academy also prepares recruits for transition into Correction Officers by providing on the job training and daily briefings on the duties and responsibilities of a Correction Officer.

Canine Unit (K9)


The Department of Correction canine unit is responsible for conducting facility searches. These searches are often in conjunction with other entities such as the Emergency Service Unit, the Intelligence Unit, and the Special Search Team. The canine unit utilizes active alert German Shepherds, and passive Labradors to patrol the outer and inner perimeters of Rikers Island on every tour, monitor inmate outdoor recreation, respond to disabled vehicles with inmates on board, respond to disturbances within the department and a passive Border collie canine to inspect all inmate’s in-coming mail.

Fire Safety Unit (FSU)

The Fire Safety Unity oversees 4 crucial components at the Department of Correction.
The Fire Safety Unit responds to all fire/smoke alarm activations within all departmental facilities and also monitors the newly installed Simplex Grinnell fire alarm systems. This unit is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
FSU conducts, annual inspections of 8500 fire extinguishers and all other fire safety response equipment and supplies within departmental commands located on Rikers Island and borough facilities as well as support areas. FSU also provides escort to the FDNY as well as other outside agencies and vendors who inspect and/or repair fire safety equipment.
Members of FSU are responsible for conducting frequent fire drills in all departmental facilities to ensure that all members of service are properly trained in responding to fire emergencies, evacuation procedures, fire alarm use procedures, fire notification procedures, proper use of all fire safety equipment and supplies, medical team response procedures, borough facility response and evacuations procedures in fire emergencies, and safe evacuation procedures for inmates in special housing.
With the installation of the new Simplex Fire Alarm System and Control Panel, the Fire Safety Unit currently provides training to all departmental staff on the operating techniques of the control panel in emergency and non-emergency situations, as well as familiarize staff with operating systems and functions of the fire alarm system and devices.

Emergency Service Unit (ESU)


Emergency Services Unit (ESU) responds to all emergencies within the department, both on and off Rikers Island. ESU responds to various incidents, including fire emergencies, high security inmate transport, riot control, inmate escapes, tactical security operations,  cell extractions, perimeter security/response, confined space rescue, vehicle emergencies (i.e. vehicle accidents,).  ESU also responds to all emergency drills (i.e. Fire Evacuation, Yard Drills), provides EMT response, and assists the Port Authority with possible air disasters or related events that may arise.
Other duties include, assist the Special Operations Division with security breaches (red and orange alerts) and enhance security for Rikers Island during emergencies. ESU is readily available to participate in all scheduled and unscheduled searches, and respond to all jail-based incidents. ESU is also responsible for the distribution, repair and maintenance of the departmental chemical agents supply, and provide chemical agent training for new recruits, in-service training, and facility training on Cell Extractions, Defensive Tactics, Cuffing and Escort Procedures.


Firearms & Tactics Unit (FTU)


The Firearms & Tactics Unit (FTU) delivers high-quality and legally defensible training in marksmanship, gun handling, tactics, mindset, and the legal use of lethal force to uniform members of the NYC Correction Department. All training is designed to teach correctional staff to survive deadly-force encounters while simultaneously protecting the community and preserving life. FTU is primarily responsible for providing firearms training to recruit correction officers and correctional staff, providing annual requalification training, performing inspections on newly acquired firearms, and ensuring the proper storage, transfer, disposal, and ownership of firearms.

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit handles the New York City Department of Correction radio and mobile communication needs including video monitoring and all emergency alerts. The Unit is also responsible for installing and maintaining emergency lights, sirens and other necessary applications in all departmental cars.

Correction Assistance Response for Employees (CARE)


The primary goal of CARE is to provide various services to all employees to effectively increase the Department’s efficiency, morale and productivity. The CARE Unit primarily provides support, comfort and resources to staff on a continuous basis who may be experiencing personal or family issues to include trauma debriefing, domestic violence, high anxiety, family crisis, PTSD, job related stressors, terminal illness, financial difficulties, alcohol and prescription drugs addiction and all other problems not in violation of departmental policies.  The CARE Unit also provide referrals to community resources as an additional source for employees to attain further assistance when coping with unexpected situations.  The services of CARE are available to all employees of the Department.

Transportation Division

With over four hundred vehicles in its care, the Transportation Division is charged with transporting inmates, staff, visitors and cargo safely and securely. This multifaceted unit handles all of the New York City Department of Correction’s automotive and transportation needs.


Ceremonial Unit

The Ceremonial Unit is composed of volunteer Correction Officers who are carefully screened for their physical ability and dexterity. The Ceremonial Unit’s task is to ensure that the tradition and history of the Department are remembered and carried forward. The Ceremonial Unit organizes Color Guard events, Graduations, Promotions, funerals, local unit plaque dedications for Centennial celebrations and remembrances.


Facility Maintenance and Repair Division

The Facility Maintenance and Repair Division combines non uniform, uniform and inmate manpower to address all aspects of its diverse mission. Specific Division responsibilities include: 

BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Non-facility /facility maintenance in the Department inclusive of all projects.

UTILITIES: Maintenance and repair of the domestic water mains, fire mains, electrical distribution systems, storm drains, sanitary sewer systems, and steam delivery systems.

POWERHOUSE: Operation and maintenance of Rikers Island Steam Tunnels and Power house,  which provides all of the steam cooking, heating and production of hot water and much of the electricity used on Rikers Island.

COGENERATION PLANT: The plant was built to reduce the need for off –site power.

SECURITY DEVICES: Unit comprised of officers who inspect and service department manometers, B.O.S.S chairs, x-ray machines, building /intrusion alarms, and special security device equipment.

VENTILATION TASK FORCE: Court ordered to facilitate heat /ventilation court orders

HARTS ISLAND: Operation and maintenance of the City Cemetery on Hart Island. This operation includes the burial of an average of 1800 bodies annually of the City’s unclaimed or indigent dead and the disinterment of an annual average of 300 bodies, which are claimed at a later date.

FMRD CAPTAINS: Responsibilities encompass the daily supervision of all Correction Officers and associated inmate details as well as the coordination and management of FMRD projects. Captains are on 24-hour call via departmental blackberry and respond to infrastructure and / or utility emergencies by calling in and deploying staff as required to address any given situation.