For General DOC and Inmate inquiries, call the DOC Information Line at:
718-546-1500 (open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm)

The Central Office of Procurement (COP) is the main office for all procurement activities for the Department of Correction. COP consists of two units: Formal Contract Unit and Purchasing Unit.

Ava B. Rice, CPPB
Assistant Commissioner, Contracts and Procurement
Agency Chief Contracting Officer

Kareem Alibocas
Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer, Formal Contract Unit

Wayne Coger
Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer, Small Purchasing Unit

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DOC Contracting

Listed below are Invitation for Bids (IFBs), Request For Proposals (RFPs) and other solicitations available for download, along with any related addenda. When you download an IFB, RFP, or any other solicitation you will be required to register with your name and company information. You will not be required to register when downloading addenda to the solicitations. You should periodically check this page for any addenda that have been issued, as no other notices will be sent to advise you. Addenda may be issued as late as the day before proposals are due, so you are encouraged to check for addenda until the very last day. Failure to include all addenda in your bids or proposals may cause your bid or proposal to be determined non-responsive and to be excluded from consideration.

The Online Directory of Certified Businesses website provides a comprehensive, searchable tool that will help both city buyers and private entities locate certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), Emerging Business Enterprises (EBEs), and or Locally-based Enterprises (LBEs) throughout the New York City tri-state area. Find detailed information on certified companies, including a brief description of their work history, contact information, and detailed information about what the companies sell.

DOC Fiscal Manual

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program (M/WBE)

North Infirmary Command Roof and Facade Reconstruction for Annex and Main : PIN 072201905CPD
Notice of solicitation
Security Clearance Request
Competitive Sealed Bid Contract Book
City Record Notice Online
Addendum #1
Addendum #2
Addendum #3

Chemical Water Treatment Formal Contract : PIN 07218B0005
City Record Notice Online

On-Call Service and Repair of Roll-Up Security Gates on Rikers and Borough Facilities : PIN 072201925FMRD
Notice of solicitation
Security Clearance Request
Competitive Sealed Bid Contract Book
Addendum #1

On-Call as Necessary Repairs/Diagnostic Services, Preventive Maintenance and Replacement of Mechanical Equipment and Systems : PIN 072201932FMRD
Notice of solicitation
Security Clearance Request
Competitive Sealed Bid Contract Book
Addendum #1

Queens Detention Center Site Protection : PIN 072201921CPD
Notice of solicitation
Security Clearance Request
Competitive Sealed Bid Contract Book
City Record Notice Online
Addendum #1

Lead Clean-Up Services at Rodman’s Neck Gun Range : PIN 07220N0001
Notice of solicitation
City Record Notice Online

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DOC Notices
“Reorganization of In-Custody and Reentry Contracting”

Over the past several years, New York City has seen tremendous growth in both in-custody jail programing and post-release reentry supports. Through Department of Correction (DOC) and Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) programs like the Individualized Correctional Achievement Network (ICAN), the Specialized Model for Adult Reentry (SMART), the Youth Reentry Network (YRN) and most recently, Jails to Jobs (J2J), the City has invested significantly in providing pre- and post-release comprehensive in-custody and reentry services. Based on best practice models, all the programs described above were designed with a continuum of care, meaning that services provided by community based providers in city jails intentionally link to post-release services of the same type –often offered by the same providers with both in-custody and in-community footprints. Because of this emphasis on program continuity, the DOC and MOCJ contracts described above include funding for both pre- and post-release services.
The City now has the opportunity to redesign program and contract structures in a manner consistent with insights gained in the delivery of both pre- and post-release programming and best practice knowledge. DOC and MOCJ invited many of the city’s nonprofit organizations to structured focus groups to discuss their experiences, concerns and ideas regarding programming both inside DOC facilities and in the community. Feedback from these groups, as well as lessons learned by the City over the past several years, will inform the two new RFPs—one to be issued by DOC for in-custody services (including services up until the point of discharge) that combines core in-custody services currently offered via ICAN, SMART and YRN programs—and one to be issued by MOCJ for post-release services (including services that are hybrid community/in-custody reentry planning roles and all services from the point of discharge forward) that combines core post-release services currently offered by ICAN, SMART, YRN, and Jails to Jobs.

The Concept Report is available here: Concept Paper for Reorganization of DOC and MOCJ Reentry contracts.pdf.

Subcontractor Resource Guide


The New York City Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) has launched the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort), a new procurement system that will replace the paper-VENDEX process. Please visit the PASSPort website to learn more about the system and sign up for briefings.


How do I access the PASSPort website?
You can access the PASSPort website by clicking on   

When will PASSPort training be offered?
After PASSPort launches, you will be able to register for training and log in. Prior to launch, you may sign up for one of the weekly briefings offered by MOCS.

Who should enroll in PASSPort?
Organizations that fall into any of the following categories are encouraged to complete early enrollment in August 2017:

• Have a pending award with a City Agency; or
• Hold a current contract with a City Agency and have either an expiring VENDEX or
   expiring Certificate of No Change; and
• Currently working on an Agency-prioritized paper submission that may not be fully
   complete and delivered to MOCS before late July 2017.

Where can I get support with PASSPort?
Contact MOCS at to receive additional information and support.

The Department usually does not administer its own construction projects. For Department of Correction construction project information, please visit the City of New York's Department of Design and Construction (DDC) website.

For information on other City of New York contracts and services, visit the websites of Information is provided there on how to enroll as a vendor. Located there are also links to the websites of all New York City agencies.

Notice of New RFP Method: HHS Accelerator!
To respond to human services Requests for Proposals (RFPs) released Fall 2013 and later, a simple, electronic prequalification application must be submitted using the City's new Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator System. The HHS Accelerator System is a web-based system maintained by the City of New York for use by its human services Agencies to manage procurement.

Important information about the new method

  • Prequalification applications are required every three years but we strongly recommend that documents be kept current to speed the award process
  • Documents related to annual corporate filings must be submitted on an annual basis to remain eligible to compete
  • Prequalification applications will be reviewed to ensure timeliness of corporate filings, organizational capacity and relevant service experience
  • Approved organizations will be eligible to compete and can submit electronic proposals through the system.

RFPs which will be managed by HHS Accelerator are listed on the NYC Procurement Roadmap. All current and prospective vendors should frequently review information listed on roadmap to take full advantage of upcoming opportunities for funding.

To sign up for training on the new system, and for additional information about HHS Accelerator, including background materials, user guides and video tutorials, please visit the HHS Accelerator website.