December 30, 2015

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Health Department Announces Sophia and Ethan are 2014’s Most Popular Baby Names

Sophia holds fast as top name for girls; Ethan claims the number 1 spot for boys

New York City parents draw upon name inspiration from geographic locations, celebrities, and television shows, including Game of Thrones

There were 122,084 babies born in New York City in 2014

December 29, 2015 – The Health Department announced today that Ethan and Sophia were the most popular baby names in New York City in 2014. Sophia has been the number 1 girl’s name for the last three years, while Ethan emerged as the new most popular boy’s name after holding the second place spot for two years in a row. The Health Department’s birth certificate records showed 740 Ethans and 586 Sophias were born in New York City in 2014. Compared to 2013, there were 1,627 more babies born in the Big Apple in 2014.

Most Popular Baby Names
New York City, 2014
1 Sophia Ethan
2 Isabella Jacob
3 Olivia Liam
4 Mia Jayden
5 Emma Noah
6 Emily Daniel
7 Leah Michael
8 Ava Alexander
9 Sofia David
10 Chloe Matthew
NYC Total
59,747 62,337

Name Trends

Five of the top ten girls’ names from 2013 held their place on the 2014 list. Ava joined the top ten list at number 8, while Madison moved out of the list falling to number 11. Sophia and Isabella held on to the top two spots for the third year in a row while Olivia and Mia climbed to the 3rd and 4th positions respectively. Emma moved two spots down to number 5, while Sofia fell to number 9. Emily, Leah and Chloe maintained their 2013 rankings at number 6, 7 and 10 respectively. For boys, only Michael maintained its 2013 ranking at number 7, while Ethan climbed to number 1. Liam ranked number 3 in 2014 moving up from number 10. Jayden fell from number 1 to number 4 in the list. Jacob and Noah both climbed up one spot from their 2013 rankings moving to number 2 and 5 respectively. Daniel and Matthew moved two spots down and David moved 4 spots down to number 9.

New York City Births by Borough of Mother’s Residence, 2014

Borough Count
Manhattan 18,143
Bronx 20,032
Brooklyn 41,190
Queens 26,937
Staten Island 5,255

From 2013 to 2014, the number of babies born in New York City increased slightly, up 1.35 percent from 120,457 to 122,084 (62,337 boys and 59,474 girls). Brooklyn saw the greatest number of babies born last year with 41,190 births. Queens came in second with 26,937 births followed by the Bronx with 20,032 births. 18,143 babies were born in Manhattan and 5,255 were born in Staten Island.

Top 10 Names by Race/Ethnicity

Rank Hispanic Black White Asian &
Pacific Islander
1 Isabella Madison Olivia Olivia
2 Sophia Ava Esther Chloe/Sophia
3 Mia Chloe Rachel Emma
4 Sofia Aaliyah Leah Emily
5 Camila Skylar Emma Angela
6 Emily London/Mia Chaya Mia
7 Emma Savannah Sarah Grace
8 Victoria Olivia Sophia Isabella
9 Ashley Fatoumata/Isabella/Mariam Ava Claire
10 Valentina Serenity Chana/Emily/Miriam Alina/Anna
1 Liam Ethan Joseph Jayden
2 Dylan/Jacob Noah David Ethan
3 Noah Aiden/Jayden Michael Ryan
4 Jayden Elijah Moshe Lucas
5 Ethan Jeremiah Jacob Aiden
6 Matthew Liam Benjamin Muhammad
7 Sebastian Joshua Alexander Daniel
8 Alexander Carter Daniel William
9 Daniel Mason Samuel Eric
10 Angel Amir Jack Jason

Most Popular Names by Race/Ethnicity

The top 10 most popular baby names have a strong representation across racial and ethnic groups. Isabella and Sophia remained the most popular baby names for girls among Latino families.  Madison retained the top spot among Black families, while Ava displaced London as the second most popular name with Blacks.  Olivia is the new most popular name with Asians and remained the most popular name with Whites.  Among boys, Latino families chose Liam most frequently, while Black families preferred Ethan. In 2014 Asian families chose Jayden as the most popular name while White families preferred Joseph.

Star Power

Celebrity names were influential in 2014 with many parents naming their children after television, movie, music and sport celebrities. Last year’s big draw among females included Sofía (#9) and Khloe (#52).  Movie stars, musicians and athletes’ names like Liam (#3), Justin (#34), Abby (#116), and Derek (#84) were also popular.

Geographic names

Geographic names are a perennial favorite with places like Charlotte (# 21), Savannah (#49), Phoenix (#127 girls; #158 for boys) and Virginia (#140) making the list.  Other parents opted to name their children after international cities like Sienna (#90), Sydney (#99) and London (#68 for girls; #165 for boys).

Book and Television Characters

Some parents sought inspiration in literature, television and film.  The medieval fantasy book and HBO series Game of Thrones was also influential among Big Apple parents. Game of Throne’s characters that made the list include Arya (#98), Khaleesi (#143), and Jon (#166). Movie character names with a strong showing include Leia (#141) and Luke (#59). Disney movies such as Frozen and the Princess and the Frog inspired Elsa (#112) and Tiana (#131) respectively.

Uncommon names

Some New Yorkers gave their children uncommon names with as few as 10 parents naming their daughters Ruchel, Ryleigh, Lexie, and sons Yidel, Dashiell and Jase.

Resources for Expecting Parents

Choosing the perfect name is just one of the myriad decisions expecting parents have to consider. The Health Department has a webpage to guide parents with filling out legal paperwork related to their child including birth certificates, acknowledgement of paternity for unmarried fathers, and information for same-sex couples. For additional details please visit: Expecting Parents  

We also provide information on free or low cost services for new parents ranging from pre-pregnancy health related issues to offering resources to new mothers for keeping their babies healthy.   For more information please visit our website: Pregnancy and Baby Care   

The Health Department’s Bureau of Vital Statistics compiles baby name lists from birth certificates and collects other data, including total births by year and demographic characteristics. To learn more about the information gathered from birth certificates, please visit: Vital Statistics