Health Department Announces 2015’s Most Popular Dog Names

Bella holds fast as top name for female dogs; Max claims the number one spot for males

New York City dog owners draw inspiration from television, books, and movies

84,054 dogs are currently licensed in New York City

May 25, 2016 – The Health Department today announced that Max and Bella were the most popular dog names in New York City in 2015. Bella has been the number #1 name for the last seven years, overtaking Max in 2008 (possibly because of the Twilight book series debut). The Health Department’s dog license records showed 1,127 Bellas and 1,073 Maxs were registered in New York City in 2015.

Most Popular Dog Names in New York City, 2015
Rank Female Count MaleCount
1 Bella 1,127 Max 1,073
2 Lola 749 Rocky 754
3 Lucy 671 Charlie 715
4 Daisy 605 Buddy 625
5 Coco 571 Lucky 568
6 Princess 565 Teddy 448
7 Molly 487 Teddy 448
8 Chloe 444 Jack 397
9 Luna 411 Oliver 345
10 Sophie 369 Milo 340
dog names map
Dog Names in NYC by Borough
New York City Dogs by Borough, 2015
Borough Percent
Bronx 10%
Brooklyn 25%
Manhattan 35%
Queens 21%
Staten Island 9%
Rank Name Count
1 Olive 145
2 Coconut 36
3 Clementine 31
4 Cherry 26
5 Apple 25
6 Mango 19
7 Huckleberry 16
8 Raisen 16
9 Lemon 9
10 Peach 9
Rank Name Count
1 Ginger 323
2 Pepper 222
3 Pumpkin 60
4 Basil 37
5 Sage 31
6 Bean 27
7 Chili 17
8 Potato 15
9 Taro 9
10 Carrot 6
Rank Name Count
1 Daisy 605
2 Lily 357
3 Rose 36
4 Iris 14
5 Tulip 10
6 Mimosa 5
7 Primrose 4
8 Daffodil 2
9 Lilac 2
10 Orchid 2
Uniquely Popular Dog Names By Breed
Breed Female Male
American Pit Bull Terrier Diamond Blue
Beagle Belle Snoopy
Boxer Stella Tyson
Bulldog, English Xena Winston
Bulldog, French Lulu Gus
Chihuahua Princess Chico
Collie, Border Izzy Bandit
Dachshund Tina Frank
German Shepard Heidi Duke
Golden Retriever Goldie Buddy
Greyhound Grace Chewy
Jack Russell Terrier Jackie Jack
Labrador Retreiver Coco Buddy
Mixed Breed Lila Fred
Standard Poodle Dolly Charley
Pug Winnie Mugsy
Siberian Husky Sky Snow
Yorkshire Terrier Chanel Gucci

A map of unique dog names by neighborhood can be found here.

To see dog names by frequency of occurrence, click here.

Pet Health and Safety Tips:

  • Make sure your pet is fixed: Spaying or neutering reduces the number of unwanted dogs or cats, reduces risk of cancers and helps prevent territorial aggression. Studies show unaltered animals are more likely to bite than altered ones. All cats allowed outdoors must be spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies.
  • Keep your dog on a leash: To keep people and pets safe, especially from unfriendly dogs, all dogs must be kept on a leash when in public, except for in designated park areas.
  • Pick up after your pet: According to City law, pet owners must pick up pet waste from sidewalks and other public spaces. Failure to clean up after your dog can result in a fine.
  • Get your dog to the vet each year: Like you, your dog needs a regular check-up and important vaccinations to stay healthy. Visits to the vet can help you stay on top of any health issues and preventable diseases.

Benefits of Dog Licensing:

  • Licensing helps reunite lost dogs with their owners via the dog eLocator system.
  • With proof of current dog license and rabies vaccination, your dog can run off-leash in the NYC Parks' dog runs.
  • Licensing is important to family emergency preparedness to ensure a dog and its owner are reunited in case of separation during an emergency.
  • Information about licensed dogs assists in the medical follow-up of individuals potentially exposed to infected dogs, which is especially important during rabies outbreaks.
  • Only licensed dogs can enter outdoor eating areas of restaurants offering “dining with dogs.”
  • Only licensed dogs are part of the Department’s annual popular name announcement.

New York State law requires that all owned dogs be licensed, and Dog licenses are also available online at



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