Mobile Food Vendors

New Permit and License Renewal Deadlines

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, permits and licenses issued by the NYC Health Department had remained valid after their expiration date and did not have to be immediately renewed. This extension of time to renew has now ended. Deadlines to renew depend on the expiration date of your permit and license.

Permit Information

Whether you operate a food cart year-round or work seasonally in an ice cream truck the Health Department wants to help you operate your food vending unit safely and legally.

Letter Grading for Mobile Food Vending

The NYC Health Department will begin assigning mobile food vending units letter grades based on the total violation points found during sanitary inspections. Before a unit can receive a grade it will need a new permit decal and a location-sharing device, which will be affixed to the unit at its next pre-permit inspection. Once assigned a letter grade, each food truck and cart will have its letter grade posted on the unit's permit decal. For more information, operators should read Letter Grading for Mobile Food Vending Units: What Vendors Need to Know (PDF) Other Languages: العربية | বাংলা | Español.

Tools and Additional Updated Guidance

Additional Operating Guidance

Food Safety Video

Mobile Food Vending: Hot and Cold Food

If you serve food from a mobile cart or truck, you must store and prepare food according to food safety guidelines. Learn what your business needs to know know about safely operating a mobile vending unit.