Water Tank Inspection Reporting

New Requirements

As of September 7, 2019, there are new requirements for buildings with drinking water tanks. If you submitted an annual inspection report for 2019 before the new regulations took effect, you do not need to submit another inspection report until 2020.

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Water tanks help deliver drinking water to millions of New York City residents. In buildings with more than six floors, pumps push water to rooftop tanks where the water is stored until needed.

Owners of buildings that use tanks to store or pressurize the building’s drinking water must have the tanks inspected at least once per year. They must ensure that the water tank inspector submits the results of those inspections to the Health Department by January 15 of the next calendar year.

Water Tank Inspectors

Water tanks must be inspected by a qualified inspector, who then submits the results to the Health Department. To be qualified, an inspector must meet one of the following conditions:

Submitting Reports

Inspectors can submit reports online.


To submit a report online, inspectors must first register by clicking on the link below and checking the selection box next to “Water Tank Inspection Reporting”.

Results Available to Residents

Building owners must make residents aware of their rights to review inspection results by posting notification signs in the building with contact information. Building owners must keep inspection results and water quality test results for at least five years.

Look Up Results Online

You can search for a building’s water inspection results online by using either its address or its building identification number (BIN).

For more information, call 311.

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