COVID-19: RESTART Guidance for Businesses

NYC has begun its phased RESTART. Below are the most up-to-date guidance and requirements for NYC businesses that have reopened or will do so soon.

Remember, even when you reopen your worksite, the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect employees is to continue allowing them to work from home as much as possible.

Phase Three (Starting July 6)

This phase will include reopening or expanded operations for personal care services such as tattoo parlors and spas. The date for expanded food services has not yet been determined.

Phase Three guidance for:

Phase Two (Started June 22)

The City started Phase Two of its reopening on Monday, June 22. This phase includes more commercial offices, retail businesses and food services opening or expanding.

Phase Two guidance for:

Phase One (Started June 8)

NYC's first phase of reopening started on June 8. Businesses that started to reopen or expand operations in this phase included retail, construction, manufacturing and wholesale trade.

Phase One guidance for:

RESTART Tools for Businesses

The following resources can help businesses meet the State's requirements to reopen.

Additional Recent Guidance

Other NYC Resources