COVID-19: Data

Details on Deaths

The different types of reported deaths are as follows:

  • Confirmed deaths: People who had laboratory-confirmed COVID-19.

  • Probable deaths: Cause of death reported as COVID-19 or equivalent, but no positive laboratory test.

Due to delays in lab results, some deaths initially reported as probable may be changed to confirmed. Also, demographic data on probable deaths are incomplete, as some records do not include this information yet.

Daily Reported Death Totals

New York City's first confirmed COVID-19 death was reported on March 11. Due to delays in reporting, which can take as long as a week, the most recent data are incomplete.

Confirmed Deaths

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Data on people identified as other categories, including Native American/Alaska Native or multi-racial, are not provided here. The Hispanic/Latino category includes people of any race. Race and ethnicity information is most complete for people who are hospitalized or have died. There are much less demographic data currently available for non-hospitalized cases.

Confirmed and Probable Death Totals

Data on probable deaths that are missing demographic information are classified as "Data Pending".

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