COVID-19: Data

Recent Data (Last 4 Weeks)

This page focuses on data from the four weeks ending on Saturday, September 12.

We will update this page each Thursday.

Cases and Deaths

This table shows the weekly number of cases and deaths in NYC over the past four weeks. For comparison, during the worst three weeks of the pandemic (March 22 to April 11), NYC averaged over 33,000 new cases and 2,500 deaths each week.

The table also shows the most recent weekly change in cases and deaths. A negative percent change means that last week there were fewer cases or deaths than the week before. A positive percent change means that there were more than the week before.

Recent Case Data by ZIP Code

This map shows confirmed cases, case rates per 100,000 people, confirmed deaths, and death rates per 100,000 people during the last four weeks.

The table also shows each neighborhood's weekly case rate over the past four weeks. You can further see the two-week change, showing the percent change in cases between the first two weeks and the last two weeks.

A high case rate for a neighborhood over the last four weeks may be due to an increase in testing. Test rates and percent positivity — shown in the "Testing by ZIP Code" table — can help provide context for areas with high case rates.

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Recent Testing by ZIP Code

This table and map show the percent of people for COVID-19 tested (diagnostic virus tests) who had a positive result. It also shows the number of people tested per 100,000 (test rate) for each neighborhood.

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