COVID-19: Data


The data presented on these pages reflect the most recent information the Health Department has collected about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in NYC. In March, April and early May, we had discouraged people with mild and moderate symptoms from being tested, so our data primarily represent people with more severe illness.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the below information was collected by the NYC Health Department. The data on these pages will be updated daily. All data are preliminary and subject to change.

Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths

Daily Counts

This chart shows the number of confirmed cases by diagnosis date, hospitalizations by admission date and deaths by date of death from COVID-19 on a daily basis since February 29. Due to delays in reporting, which can take as long as a week, recent data are incomplete.

Due to delays in reporting,
recent data are incomplete.

COVID-19 Data by ZIP Code of Residence

The below map and table provide confirmed case rates, case counts, death rates, death counts, and the percent of people tested with a positive result.

The number of reported confirmed cases per ZIP code may be affected by that area’s population size, access to health care and access to testing. For example, an area with a low total case number but a high percent of positive cases could reflect more people with mild symptoms not getting tested.

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Emergency Department Visits Due to Flu-like Illness/Pneumonia

These data show people who visit the emergency department with clinical signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness (including flu-like illnesses and pneumonia). Some of these people have not tested positive for COVID-19.

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Daily Testing

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Case, Hospitalization and Death Rates

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