COVID-19: Providers

Statue of liberty showing off a bandaid on the arm. Text reads: Speak with your patients and community about the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine Communication Resources for Providers

Outreach and Counseling Program

The COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach and Counseling Program is a new program to compensate enrolled primary care providers to: 1) initiate outreach to counsel eligible unvaccinated patients in their patient panel; 2) counsel such patients to get COVID-19 vaccination; and 3) arrange for vaccination, either at the provider’s facility or by assisting the patient in securing an appointment for vaccination elsewhere.

Commissioner's Advisory

NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi issued an advisory strongly urging health care providers to always offer their unvaccinated patients information on the efficacy, availability and administration of COVID-19 vaccines, and to offer vaccination or refer to a vaccine provider at every patient encounter — no matter the reason for the visit.

Key Resources

Remember to tell patients: There is no cost for the vaccine, and it is easier than ever to get an appointment or find a walk-up site. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine does not require proof of citizenship and does not affect a person's immigration status.

Your recommendation is one of the strongest predictors that a patient will get vaccinated. Below are resources to support conversations among staff and patients.

Vaccine Confidence

Use Every Opportunity to Offer Vaccination

Support Access to Vaccines