Vital Statistics: Training and Resources

The training materials and resources linked below can improve the accuracy of vital event data, a critical public health tool.

Death Reporting

More information about cause of death reporting.

Spontaneous Termination of Pregnancy Reporting

Guidelines or reporting fetal deaths (PDF) , or spontaneous terminations of pregnancy (corresponding ICD-10 Codes (PDF)). The below supplemental tools for reporting birth information may also be helpful to improve data quality.

Birth Reporting

Visit the New-NYC Birth Registration Training eLearning.

Tools for Reporting Birth Information

These materials can help improve quality by supplementing the electronic birth registration (EBRS) system guidelines:

Tools for Improving Birth Information

For Facility Staff

Use these worksheets to improve the quality of the data you are required to collect:

For Parents

Working with parents to collect data before the birth of their child can improve its accuracy and their cooperation. Download and distribute the tools below to help parents better understand the information you are required to collect:


Email You also can request detailed information about the accuracy of the data provided by your facility.