Neighborhood Health

The Health Department provides many resources to understand the health of New York City's neighborhoods. The following tools provide a variety of health indicators at the neighborhood level.


This interactive system will help you answer health-related questions about your neighborhood, borough and New York City overall with many different types of data. Learn about birth and death rates, health behaviors like smoking, communicable diseases like hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and much much more!

NYC Environmental Public Health and Sustainability Tracking Portal

You can access data and information about the environment and health across the communities of New York City through this portal. Create reports, tables, charts and maps for NYC and its neighborhoods.

Community Health Profiles

These neighborhood-specific health reports cover 42 different communities across the five boroughs of New York City. Published in 2006, the data in the Profiles has become outdated, but they can still provide a valuable look at the big-picture of neighborhood health and updated data can be found on EpiQuery. In addition to the profiles, PowerPoint presentations are available with all the data for each neighborhood.

Find your 2006 New York City Community Health Profile by entering your zip code:

Profiles are available in list format for all neighborhoods on the New York City Community Health Profiles page.

Google Public Data Explorer

Check out data on obesity, diabetes and overall and select-causes of death on Google's data tool, including maps, interactive graphics and trends.

Additional Mapping Resources

  • The GIS Center's Map Gallery features a variety of health-related maps, as well as the NYC Community Health Atlases (e.g. 2009 Atlas [PDF]), which have more than 40 multi-colored, thematic maps showing the neighborhood distribution of health indicators.
  • NYCCityMap: Find health facilities and other city services by address, zip code and more!
  • Rat Information Portal / Mapping Tool : Learn what you can do to control rats, and map rat inspections, violations and Health Department responses in NYC.

Other Resources