An image of litter on the street with a large shadow of a rat behind the litter. The text reads: A little litter can lead to big problems.

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Rat Information

Rat Prevention Tips

Litter feeds rats. Do your part to reduce rat activity in your neighborhood by following the tips below.

On the street or in a park:

  • Put your litter in a can.
  • Do not feed birds or other wildlife.

At home:

  • Put your garbage in a can with a lid.
  • If your building has a garbage chute, bag and tie your garbage before putting down the chute.
  • Otherwise, follow your building’s policy for getting rid of your garbage.

For more information about managing your garbage, see our Pest Management Tips for Building Residents (PDF).

To learn more about controling rats, the city offers free training courses for both community members and pest control professionals.

The Rat Information Portal gives you the facts about rats in NYC — where they are and what you can do about them. Rats can be a problem for the property, block or neighborhood, and they require a coordinated response: property owners, tenants, businesses and government need to work together.

Download the guide Preventing Rats on Your Property (PDF)
Other languages (PDF): Español | 中文

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