Working in Your Community

What You Can Do

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Community District Managers, block associations, community groups and residents can work together to take actions to prevent infestation and respond to rats. Here is what you and your neighbors can do:

  1. Use this website to make maps of your neighborhood and distribute them to your neighbors
  2. Identify the properties and street areas that have failed inspections for rats
  3. Inspect those same blocks with your map in hand and look for where the rats are finding food, water, and places to live
  4. Work with your neighbors to come up with solutions
    • Some BIDS sponsor new trash cans or extra trash pick-up
    • Help keep parks, sidewalks and green streets clean and uncluttered by disposing of trash properly
    • If rats continue to be a problem after taking these steps, consider hiring a pest management professional to service all of the properties or businesses on one block
    • Ask your pest management professional to inquire about classes at the Health Department’s Rodent Academy

Resources for Communities

Additional Resources