Information on the Electronic Birth Registration System (EBRS)

Electronic Vital Events Registration System will be replaced by eVital in Fall 2018. To continue the reporting and certification of cases, EVERS users need to enroll in eVital by 9/14/18. For more information, please visit eVital.

This system, which the Health Department began using in 2008, allows medical facilities to report births electronically with the agency. Staff at hospitals and birthing centers as well as those who attend homebirths can contact the NYC Bureau of Vital Statistics with additional questions by calling 646-632-6705 or sending us an email at You also can download important information for new parents.

How Do I ...

Create & update birth user accounts in EVERS [for administrators only] (PDF)

Create a NYCMED account? (PDF)

Report births in EVERS? (PDF)

Report birth duplicate cases in EVERS? (PDF)

Submit birth amendments in EVERS? (PDF)

Report Newborn Hearing and Bloodspot Screenings in EVERS? (PDF)

Additional Resourses