Information on the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) for Funeral Directors

Funeral directors with questions about how to use EDRS to report deaths electronically should click on the documents below for instructions and background on the various parts of the system. If you have any questions or problems that cannot be answered by the following information, please contact the NYC Bureau of Vital Statistics by calling 646-632-6705 or sending us an email to

How Do I …

Create and update death user accounts in EVERS [for administrators only] (PDF)
Create a NYC MED account? (PDF)
Report deaths in EVERS? (PDF)
Search orders in EVERS? (PDF)
Request cremation clearance in EVERS? (PDF)
Order death certificate-related services in EVERS? (PDF)
Submit personal amendments in EVERS? (PDF)
Submit amendments to take ownership of City burials and amend disposition? (PDF)

Additional Resourses