Be a Buddy - Check on Neighbors, Friends, and Relatives

People most at risk for cold-related illness and death include:

  • People who are homeless and not in shelters 
  • People who drink heavily or use drugs
  • People who live in homes without heat AND
    • Are 65 years or older
    • Have chronic medical conditions such as heart or lung disease 
    • Have serious mental illness or developmental disabilities
    • Are socially isolated, have limited mobility, or are unable to leave the house

Check on vulnerable relatives, friends, or neighbors, or if you are a service provider, on vulnerable clients.

  • Notify the building superintendent, property manager or owner if their home has no heat or hot water.
  • Help them get to a warm place. 
  • Call 311 if the problem is not fixed. 

Call 311 if you see someone who may be homeless and may need help. Staff from the Department of Homeless Services will then check on the person. Visit the Department of Homeless Services for more information, including a list of shelters and other resources for homeless individuals.

Call 911 if you see someone with symptoms of hypothermia or frostbite. 

  • Help keep the person warm while waiting for help. Remove any damp clothing and cover him or her with warm blankets.