Protecting People and Supporting Communities When Disaster Strikes

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Easily one of the most iconic cities in the world, NYC is beloved by residents and visitors alike. NYC is also a potential target to a multitude of natural and human-made disasters because of large population density, numerous national landmarks, and status as an international hub for finance, travel, and culture. This site will provide you with resources and guidance on how you can better connect, prepare, and respond to public health emergencies in case one does occur.

The NYC Department of Health works to prevent, protect against, respond to and increase NYC’s ability to recover from the public health impacts of emergencies. A coastal storm, an anthrax attack, a flu pandemic — whatever the emergency, the Health Department is charged with critical preparedness and responses roles, with the primary goal of protecting the public’s health. We do this through partnerships with various city, state and federal agencies, health care facilities and community leaders and organizations to better protect and meet the needs of NYC citizens.

The stories, report and short videos below focus on moments and places in time where investments made in planning and response truly saved lives and protected the health and well-being of New Yorkers.

Preparing for a Safer Future — Stories

Learn more about the City's preparations by reading a collection of stories in Protecting NYC: Preparing for a Safer Future (PDF)

Individual Stories

  1. On the Front Lines: Readying the Healthcare System (PDF)
  2. Watching Over the Vulnerable (PDF)
  3. Helping the Stranded at Home (PDF)
  4. Strengthening Community Resilience (PDF)
  5. Containing Epidemics (PDF)
  6. Detecting Deadly Disease - Before It Kills (PDF)
  7. Informing the Public (PDF)
  8. Testing the Systems, Speeding the Response (PDF)
  9. Deploying New York City’s Dedicated Volunteers (PDF)

Annual Report

The New York City Health Care System Preparedness Annual Report (July 2016 – June 2017) documents the collaborative and intensive work between the Health Department, health care facilities and organizations, and state, local, and federal partners involved in healthcare preparedness and response across NYC and the region. The agency works closely with the entire health care system to support the NYC health care system’s ability to respond safely and effectively to emergencies.


How NYC Works with State and Federal Partners to Prepare for Biological Emergencies

How NYC Health Prepares for Emergencies