eSHARE Data System

The Electronic System for HIV/AIDS Reporting & Evaluation (eSHARE) is the New York City Health Department's data reporting system for all agencies funded to deliver HIV/AIDS services by the NYC Health Department via Public Health Solutions, our master contractor.

eSHARE provides a unified information system that allows data to be available in real time and accessible by all stakeholders.

Contact Information (all times EST)

Monday — Friday: 8 AM — 6 PM; Saturday: 10 AM — 2 PM
Phone: (212) 766-4357

eSHARE Administration
Monday — Friday: 9 AM — 5 PM
Phone: (347) 396-7401

eSHARE Training
Monday — Friday: 9 AM — 5 PM
Phone: (347) 396-7401

ESHARE Training

Register for NYC Health Training.

eSHARE Basic Training

To sign up for training, registrants should go to the eSHARE Training Registration Site. Read the summary section first, then click on the agenda tab to view the training sessions offered for 2014. You can begin the registration process by clicking on the blue registration button on the bottom right of the page.

Each training session can handle a maximum of nine registrants and will automatically close five days before the scheduled training date. Since the training venue may change periodically, an email with complete training details will go out about one week before your scheduled training date.

eSHARE Canned Reports Training

To sign up for advanced eSHARE training associated with running Canned Reports, registrants should go to eSHARE Canned Reports. Registrants can also reach out to their assigned DOHMH project officer for registration information.

Please forward any questions or concerns about registration to

Training dates, training locations, and type of trainings are subject to change based upon availability, holidays and programmatic needs.

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