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Peers provide support and guidance to people on their journey to recovery. They often rely on their own experiences as people with substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Using their familiarity with the health care system, and evidence based health interventions; peers play an integral role in the delivery of recovery-oriented systems. Peers develop a recovery community’s greatest resource, its members.

Peer- based services reach people at all points on the substance use continuum and stages of recovery. Services include, peer- delivered syringe exchange, recovery coaching, patient navigation, and peer led mutual support groups e.g. 12 Step programs.

The Peer Network of New York meets on monthly basis to support the work of peers at harm reduction agencies across New York City through education and training, citywide networking, and advocating for harm reduction principles. The network recognizes the toll that drugs have taken on communities, and as peers are working to save lives and reduce the harm caused by drug use.

NYC Peer Recovery Coach Network is a monthly meeting open to all who have completed the recovery coach academy. The network “promotes peer recovery coaching by exchanging information educating one another as an approach to the recovery agenda.”

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