Environmental Action and Education

There are many programs in New York City and the surrounding areas for environmental activists, educators, and kids to learn more about our shared water resources. The following information covers a wide range of environmental topics including interactive information, lesson plans, as well as fieldwork and volunteer opportunities.

Local Environmental Action

  • Protect Coastal Watersheds and Ocean Resources: Discover the programs that EPA and other Agencies are using to protect coastal watersheds and ocean resources. Learn how you can get involved in protecting your watershed.
  • Get Involved in Beach Protection and Clean Up: There are many ways to get involved in protecting the New York City's beaches from water pollution. Getting involved in a local clean up effort of other beach protection program is a great way to assist federal, state, and local officials in protecting your health while swimming at the beach.
  • Surf Your Watershed: Most beach water is polluted from pollution-generating activities upstream. Therefore, it is important for you to know about pollutants entering the water from other communities. Surf Your Watershed will help you learn about pollutants and sources that affect the water quality in your local watershed.

NYC Environmental Education Programs

Resources for Teachers

The following websites provide free resources for teachers and environmental educators.

Resources for Kids

Nicole Huang, Age 4, New York


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