Information for Moving and Storage

It's a good idea to take some simple precautions when moving or storing things to prevent bed bugs from coming along for the ride. Taking some precautions before moving into your new home can help prevent bed bugs in the future.

Before You Move

  • Are there any bed bugs in your current home? If you do have them, or are not sure, see our guide Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely (PDF).
  • Have any apartments in the building had bed bugs in the past year—ask about this when you sign a lease.
  • Before you move, look around your new home carefully with a flashlight to see if there are bed bugs.
  • If you do see any bed bugs (or other problems), speak to the landlord about pest control before you move. If you are the home owner, hire a pest management professional to treat the home before you move.

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