Bicycling in New York City

Just Do Ten

Just getting up and moving for 30 minutes every day—even in short bouts—can make a difference. Taking a 10-minute walk during lunch, climbing the subway stairs, running out to do an errand—it all helps burn calories and enhance your health. These small steps also help lower your chances of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and other chronic health conditions

Just Have Fun

New York City is more bike-friendly than ever. On-street bike lanes have almost doubled, from 220 miles to 420 miles since 2006, and more paths are now physically separated from traffic to make your outings safer. Where are these bike lanes? See NYC DOT's NYC Cycling Map

If you don't want to bike alone, there are NYC groups with organized rides such as Time's Up.

Just Be Safe

  • Wear a helmet
  • Obey traffic signs and signals
  • Be visible: use front and rear lights and light-colored clothing at night
  • Ride in same direction as traffic
  • Use bike lanes whenever possible
  • Use extra caution when
    • riding near buses and trucks
    • going through intersections or making turns
    • riding near parked cars with opening doors
  • Yield to people walking
  • Never ride on sidewalks
  • Never wear headphones

Cycling Resources

Extra Credit Quiz
What do you think the pictures (above) are?

  1. modern art sculpture
  2. industrial waste
  3. bicycle racks by David Byrne

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