Children with Special Health Care Needs

You can get information and referrals to insurance, health services and community resources for children with special health care needs. The Department of Health can provide these services for families who do not have health insurance and need help applying for low or no-cost health insurance.


These services are intended for families with children, youth or young adults who have conditions for which they need extra health care and services. Eligible children must:

  • Be 21 or younger
  • Reside in New York City
  • Have been diagnosed with (or may have):
    • A serious or chronic health condition or disability
    • A physical condition
    • A developmental/intellectual condition
    • An emotional/behavioral condition


Health Insurance Assistance and Medical Referrals

We can help your family apply for health insurance and find the right medical providers for your child. That means getting a free medical evaluation for your child, as well as help finding free and low-cost health services in your community.

This program connects you with doctors who can examine your child and develop a care plan for them. We can also refer you to medical specialists who know how to care for children with complex needs.

For more information about finding the right medical providers and follow-ups, call (347) 396-4600.

Community Support

This program has partners who are sensitive to the unique experiences in each community in the city. They can connect your family to support networks that understand the challenges of caring for children with special needs.

The following groups can help you find the support your family needs:

Publications and Educational Materials

Families of children with special needs can get a variety of relevant publications and other resources. That includes up-to-date research and information on new medical advancements.

For more information on the program services and special requests for resources and support, call our Information Line at 347-396-4600 or email

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