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Early Intervention: Information for Families

The Early Intervention Program Can Help Your Child

The goal of the Early Intervention Program (EIP) is to support families in helping their children learn and develop. If your child is found eligible for the EIP, your Early Intervention team of interventionist(s), service coordinator and Early Intervention Official Designee (EIOD) will learn about your child from you. You know your child best, and are an important part of your child’s team.

Tell the team about:

  • your child's interests, and what helps him/her learn;
  • what he/she does and does not like; and
  • everyday activities like bathing and meal times that are hard for you to do with your child.

► See Information for Parents about Early Intervention (PDF)

More Information About the Early Intervention Program

How are Early Intervention Services Provided in New York City?

The EIP team helps families to understand their children’s strengths and abilities and works on the family’s goals for their child. The team works with families to help them find ways to help their children do the things they would like them to do during everyday activities. These are elements of family-centered best practices that the NYC EIP calls Embedded Coaching .

Text Message Updates and Tips for Families of Children in the EIP

The NYC EIP Text 2 Families provides additional support to families in getting the most out of their experience in the NYC EIP. Sign-up today!

Questions or Concerns While Your Child is in the Early Intervention Program

If you have a question or concern about the EIP, you can contact the NYC EIP’s Regional Office in your borough or the NYC EIP Office of Consumer Affairs.

When Do Children Leave the Early Intervention Program (Transition)?

The EIP is for children ages birth to three. Children may leave the program at any time. Around the time a child turns two, families and their EI team will start working on a plan for the family’s next steps after leaving EI.

Some children may be eligible for preschool special education after they leave the EIP. This is provided by the Committee for Preschool Education (CPSE) through the Department of Education.

Other Resources for Families