Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council (LEICC)

The Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council (LEICC) is an advisory body comprised of Early Intervention providers, parents, advocates, academics and representatives of other child-serving City agencies. The LEICC meets regularly with the Health Department to help inform NYC Early Intervention Program policies and operations. Its members are appointed by the NYC Commissioner of Health.

These meetings will take place via WebEx. You do not have to register to attend the meetings. Meeting information will be available the week of the meeting.

Next Council Meeting

The next LEICC meetings will take place through WebEx.

  • Date: October 1
  • Time: 10 a.m. to Noon
  • Location: WebEx

Due to the nature of this web-based meeting, the LEICC will be reading public comments at the end of the meeting. Submit your written public comments to EmbeddedCoaching@health.nyc.gov. Public comments should not exceed 250 words to ensure that all public comments can be read into the record.

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