Questions or Concerns While Your Child is in Early Intervention

If you have a question or concern about your child's evaluation, service coordinator or EI services, you can contact the Regional Office in your borough.

Regional Offices

There is a Regional Office for each borough. Early Intervention Official Designees (EIODs) work out of the five Regional Offices. If you have a question or concern about a child's Individualized Service Plan (IFSP) or a child's services, call the Regional Office in the borough where the child lives and ask for an Assistant Director:

Bronx: 718-838-6887
Brooklyn: 718-722-3310
Manhattan: 212-436-0900
Queens: 718-480-2249
Staten Island: 718-568-2300

Consumer Affairs

The Office of Consumer Affairs helps families and community partners with additional information or concerns about EI services.

Contact the office by calling: 347-396-6828.

You can also complete this form and the Office of Consumer Affairs will get back to you:

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