Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Program can help young children (birth to 3 years) who are not learning, playing, growing, talking or walking like other children their age. The program works with you and your family to set meaningful goals for your child and create a plan to help them meet those goals. The earlier in life a child starts our program, the sooner they can develop the skills they need.

Our program will work with your family during your daily routines to ensure your child develops all the skills they need. If you think your child may benefit from Early Intervention, you should make a referral as soon as you can.

The Early Intervention Program is free and available to all eligible New York families, regardless of race, ethnicity, income or immigration status.

Watch how Early Intervention services helped one family develop together.

If you are a health care provider, find out how our program can support your work in early intervention.


The program is available for infants and toddlers from birth to age 3 who have been diagnosed with a physical or mental condition that will likely result in a developmental delay.

Children may also be eligible if their families suspect they have a developmental delay or disability but have not yet received a diagnosis. Your child may have a developmental delay if they are not able to do the same activities as other children their age.

To find out if your child is eligible:

If your child is 2 years and 11 months or older, you must call 311 to find out if your child can be referred to the program.


The program’s team of teachers and therapists will help you better understand your child’s strengths and abilities. We will first provide an evaluation of your child to find out if they are continually behind in developing skills compared to other children their age. Such skills include taking a first step, smiling and waving.

Since children learn best from the people with whom they spend the most time, our team works with the whole family to ensure that our plan is helping your child.

We can show you ways to help your child reach their milestones on time and succeed in their daily activities through a family-centered approach called embedded coaching.

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