Eating Healthy Initiative

Farmers markets and green carts provide New Yorkers with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Shop Healthy NYC works to increase access to healthier foods in neighborhood retailers. The Eat Well Play Hard initiative works to improve nutrition and physical activity in child care settings. The NYC Food Standards were created to improve the nutrition of all snacks and meals provided by City agencies. These are just some of the ways the NYC Health Department is making it easier for New Yorkers to eat healthy.

Farmers Markets

NYC farmers markets provide an opportunity for residents to buy fresh and affordable local produce while supporting regional farmers. The Health Department offers three farmers market-based programs: Health Bucks, Stellar Farmers Markets and Farmers Markets for Kids

Sugary Drinks

Many of us consume too much sugar, without realizing it. Sugar in sweetened drinks contains extra calories you don't need and those extra calories can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Shop Healthy NYC!

Shop Healthy NYC! can help you work with local retailers to increase healthy offerings, like fresh fruits and vegetables, 100% whole wheat bread, and low-salt canned goods.

Green Carts

Green Carts are mobile vendors that sell raw fruits and vegetables such as whole carrots, bananas, apples and berries in select neighborhoods in the city.

NYC Agency Food Standards

The New York City Food Standards were created with the goal of improving the health of all New Yorkers served by City agencies by decreasing risk of chronic disease related to poor nutritional intake.

Healthy Child Care Settings

The Eat Well Play Hard Initiative is working with children, parents and staff in child care settings and schools to improve nutrition and physical activity.

Healthy High Schools

The Healthy High Schools Initiative is no longer actively working in schools but online resources are available to help staff, students or parents implement healthy food and non-food fundraisers and other events.

Healthy Workplaces Food Initiative

The Healthy Workplace Food Initiative helps businesses promote healthy eating in the workplace, including guidance for what to supply at meetings and in vending machines.

Healthy Food Donation

This initiative aims to help emergency food programs (EFPs), such as food pantries and soup kitchens, increase the amount and types of healthy food they distribute to New Yorkers struggling to feed themselves and their families.