Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT)

EPT – A Strategy to Treat Sex Partners for Chlamydia

Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) for Chlamydia trachomatis was signed into law in New York State (NYS) in January 2009; regulations to accompany the law were adopted in October 2010. EPT allows health care providers to provide patients being treated for chlamydia with medication or a prescription to deliver to his or her sex partner(s) without a prior medical evaluation of those partners.

Electronic Prescribing Mandate Waived for Expedited Partner Therapy

The New York State Commissioner of Health waived the electronic prescribing mandate in situations requiring the use of expedited partner therapy in March 2016. The Commissioner issued a renewal of the waiver in March 2017. Providers can continue to use paper prescriptions for the treatment of sex partner(s) of patients infected with Chlamydia trachomatis until March 25, 2018. Providers can order paper prescriptions from the New York State Department of Health.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding EPT please contact at us at ept@health.nyc.gov.

If you are a patient/partner and would like to report an adverse reaction after taking azithromycin for EPT, please call 311.

If you are a provider and would like to report an allergic reaction related to EPT, please call 311 or the provider access line: 1-866-NYC-DOH1 (1-866-692-3641).