Vaccination Information for Pharmacists

New York State-licensed pharmacists can provide vaccines to adults 18 and older. Such pharmacists must be certified by the NYS Department of Education to vaccinate against influenza, pneumococcal, meningococcal, herpes zoster and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Pharmacists who have not been certified as an immunizer can learn more about how to become a certified immunizer in New York.

Pharmacists who wish to administer vaccines must get a non-patient specific standing order from a licensed NYS physician or nurse practitioner. In New York City, pharmacists who plan to vaccinate must get their standing order from a physician or nurse practitioner who is licensed in NYS and located in NYC.

You can review all of the laws, rules and regulations for pharmacist vaccinations.

See a sample version of a template non-patient specific standing order document (PDF).

Non Patient-Specific Standing Order from NYC Health Department

Pharmacists who are interested in vaccinating their patients but cannot find an NYS physician or nurse practitioner to issue a standing order may be able to receive one from the NYC Department of Health. Pharmacists are required to attend an annual orientation session offered by the Health Department to be eligible for the standing order.

Pharmacists who are interested in vaccinating their patients using a standing order issued by the Health Department must attend one orientation session. To register for an orientation session, complete the orientation survey online, or download the orientation registration form (PDF) and send in the completed form by fax or email (see form for details). You can also request information by emailing

Reporting Requirement

Pharmacists administering vaccine in NYC are required to report vaccine doses given to individuals 18 (and ages 2-17 for flu vaccine) to the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR). In addition, vaccinating pharmacists must also report vaccines administered to adults 19 and older to the CIR, with the consent of the individual receiving the vaccine. Pharmacists must report vaccinations to the CIR within 14 days of administering the vaccine.

You can find more information on this reporting requirement in this notification letter (PDF) and these FAQs.

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