How to Apply to be a Green Cart Vendor

There are 8 Steps to Get a Green Cart Permit

  1. Obtain a Mobile Food Vending License if you do not already have one.
    Read the Steps to Apply for a Mobile Food Vending License 
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    and complete the Mobile Food Vending License Application or call 311 and ask for "Mobile Food Vending License".
  2. Check this website to find out when the waiting list application acceptance period is open. Once the waiting list application acceptance period is open , you may obtain a Green Cart Waiting List Application Form in one of the following ways:
    • Pick up the form at the Citywide Licensing Center located at 42 Broadway, Manhattan, or
    • Call 311 and ask for "Green Cart Waiting List Application form" to receive an application form
      by mail, or
    • Print out the Green Carts Waiting List Application form (avalable during the application period)
  3. In about 2 weeks after the close of the application submission period, the Health Department will mail you a postcard with your waiting list number(s) and will send you a Green Cart Permit Application when you are selected from one of the borough waiting lists.
  4. You will have 30 days to complete the Green Cart Permit Application and bring it to the Citywide Licensing Center with the requested documentation. The fee for the permit is $75 by certified check or money order. There is no fee for a permit if you are an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Services and present a New York State Peddler's Certificate or if you are the surviving spouse or domestic partner of a veteran with this certificate.
  5. You will receive a receipt when your Green Cart Permit Application is accepted at the Licensing Center.
  6. Purchase your mobile food cart. You will have 6 months from the date of your receipt to make an appointment and bring your cart to a Health Department site and pass inspection.
  7. When your cart passes the inspection, the Health Department inspector will attach a permit decal to your cart and will give you a Green Cart umbrella for your cart.
  8. You will receive your permit document in the mail within 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit the waiting list application form?
After the application period ends, the Health Department will set up a waiting list of applicants for each available borough based on a lottery system. The Health Department will mail you a postcard with a waiting list number for each waiting list you applied for and will send you a Green Cart Permit Application when you are selected from one of the borough waiting lists.

Who will be given priority on the waiting list?
Priority on the Green Cart waiting lists will be given to applicants already on other non-Green Cart Health Department mobile food permit waiting lists, disabled United States Veterans, disabled persons who are not veterans, and non-disabled United States Veterans. Anyone interested in operating a Green Cart is encouraged to apply, even if you do not fit into one of these priority groups.

How do I improve my chances of getting a Green Cart permit application?
Your chance of being selected to apply for a permit depends on how many applicants there are for the borough, and what your priority group is. Do not state that you are a member of a priority group if you are not. You must give proof of this priority status. If you do not have proof, but you applied as a member of any of the priority lists, you will be removed from the lists and not be eligible to receive a permit.

List all boroughs where you are willing to operate a Green Cart. If you are only willing to operate in one borough, you should list just one.

What happens if I am waiting for another mobile food permit?
Green Cart waiting lists are separate from other mobile food permit waiting lists. If you are already on another mobile food permit waiting list, you will not lose your waiting list position when you also apply for the Green Cart waiting lists. However, you cannot hold more than one permit at a time. If you are selected for a Green Cart permit and you already hold another mobile food vending permit, you will have to choose which one you really want.

See More Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
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