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Green Carts Offer Fresh Produce to New Yorkers

Green Carts are mobile food carts that offer fresh produce in certain New York City areas. Local Law 9, signed by Mayor Bloomberg on March 13, 2008, established 1,000 permits for Green Carts. A Green Cart can only sell raw fruits and vegetables such as whole carrots, bananas, apples and berries. For food safety reasons, Green Cart operators cannot cut, slice, peel or process fruits or vegetables on the cart.

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Green Cart Vendors Must Be Licensed

To operate a Green Cart, vendors must have a valid mobile food vending license and a Green Cart permit. Each Green Cart permit allows a cart to operate in one New York City borough only. Within each borough, Green Carts can operate in certain designated areas.

New York City made available 1000 green cart permits: 350 permits for Brooklyn, 350 for the Bronx, 150 for Manhattan, 100 for Queens, and 50 for Staten Island.

We encourage you to participate in this program to improve healthy food options for New Yorkers!

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Green Cart Program Background

The Green Cart Program aims to increase availability of fresh fruit and vegetables in New York City neighborhoods so that more New Yorkers can buy fresh fruit and vegetables close to home. For more information about the Green Carts legislation, the health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, and studies of healthy food access, see the following publications: