Green Carts

Green Carts are mobile food vendors that provide fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods that otherwise have limited access to fresh produce.

A Green Cart can only sell raw produce that has not been cut, sliced or processed, such as whole carrots, bananas, apples and berries. Permitted vendors can operate a cart within one borough, in specifically designated areas.

Information for Vendors

Green Cart vendors must have a valid mobile food vending license and a Green Cart permit. There are a limited number of Green Carts permitted in the city.

We are currently not accepting new applications to join the waiting list for Green Cart permits. Please check back on this page for new permit updates.


There are fees associated with applying for or renewing a mobile food vending license — $50 for a full-term (2-year) license, or $10 for a seasonal (April 1 to October 31) license. In addition, a green cart permit costs $75, with a $50 renewal required every two years.

Fees for the license and permit are waived for U.S. veterans who have a New York State Peddler’s Certificate, or their surviving spouses or domestic partners who have the certificate.

Once you are permitted, you must buy your own cart and produce.

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