Hazardous Products: Jewelry, Amulets and Toys

Lead may be in the paint, metal and plastic parts of jewelry, amulets and toys. Lead can be swallowed when these objects are placed in the mouth. Younger children are especially at risk for poisoning because they often put objects in their mouths.


Jewelry for both children and adults have been found to contain high levels of lead.


In some cultures, it is a custom to give children amulets (sheesha, tabiz or other metal charms), necklaces or bracelets for various reasons, including for speech therapy, good luck or protection. These objects can contain high levels of lead.


The metal or painted parts of some toys may contain lead. For more information and tips about toy safety:

Avoiding Lead Exposure

To reduce the risk of lead exposure from these products:

  • Never give adult jewelry to children.
  • Keep amulets away from children when possible.
  • If your child wears an amulet, place it in a way that it cannot be mouthed.
  • Never buy or give away recalled, broken or damaged toys, especially if there is chipping paint. If a toy is broken, discard it safely.
  • If your child often puts jewelry, amulets or toys in their mouth, ask your child’s doctor for a blood lead test.

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