Health Bucks

Health Bucks are $2 coupons that can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at all NYC farmers markets.

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How to get Health Bucks

Recipients of SNAP Benefits

Health Bucks help anyone who receives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, also known as food stamps, to buy fresh, locally-grown produce. For every $5 spent at farmers markets using SNAP on an EBT card, you can get $2 in Health Bucks. Health Bucks are available year-round at NYC farmers markets that accept EBT.

Community- and Faith-Based Organizations

Organizations may apply for free Health Bucks that they can then distribute to community members as an incentive to participate in nutrition education and other health-related activities.

Organizations can apply beginning in mid-May. Qualifying organizations will receive Health Bucks starting July 1. Health Bucks are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Health Bucks 2020 Update

Our supply of 2020 Health Bucks for community- and faith-based organizations have been distributed and the application is now closed. Please check back later this year for updates.

Organizations can also purchase Health Bucks. For more information, email

Health Bucks Toolkit

Pharmacy to Farm Prescriptions

People who receive SNAP benefits and have high blood pressure can get $30 in Health Bucks each month at select pharmacies. Patients filling a prescription for high blood pressure medication will receive a fruit and vegetable “prescription” that can be exchanged at a farmers market for Health Bucks.

To sign up for this program, visit one of the pharmacies listed below.


  • Brooklyn 2020 Farmers Markets (PDF)
    Other Languages: Español

  • Brooklyn Center Pharmacy (Downtown Brooklyn)
    104 Dekalb Avenue
  • Myrtle Drug Care (Fort Greene)
    355 Myrtle Avenue
  • Park Drugs (Crown Heights)
    801 Nostrand Avenue
  • Whitman Pharmacy (Fort Greene)
    329A Myrtle Avenue


  • Manhattan 2020 Farmers Markets (PDF)
    Other Languages: Español

  • Dyckman Pharmacy (Inwood)
    199 Dyckman Street
  • Nagle Pharmacy (Inwood)
    210 Nagle Avenue
  • New Amsterdam Drug Mart (Upper West Side)
    698 Amsterdam Avenue
  • New London Pharmacy (Chelsea)
    246 Eighth Avenue
  • New York City Pharmacy (East Village)
    206 First Avenue


  • Queens 2020 Farmers Markets (PDF)
    Other Languages: Español

  • Image Heights Pharmacy (Jackson Heights)
    7501 37th Avenue
  • Jannat Pharmacy (Jackson Heights)
    7203 35th Avenue
  • Nueva Vida Pharmacy (Jackson Heights)
    81-25 37th Avenue
  • Superior Pharmacy (Jackson Heights)
    80-05 Roosevelt Avenue


Staten Island

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