NYC Food Standards

The New York City Food Standards have been in effect since 2008 and were established by Executive Order 122 (PDF). They aim to improve the health of all New Yorkers served by City agencies by decreasing risk of chronic disease related to poor nutritional intake. While they were developed for and are mandated in New York City agencies, we encourage their use in other environments such as private businesses, hospitals, universities and community- and faith-based organizations.

The Standards address various settings in which food is purchased and served through evidence-based nutrition criteria including through programming, in vending machines, at meetings and events and in commissaries in correctional facilities.

In 2015, the New York City Food and Beverage Guidelines were developed as a tool to help mission-driven organizations meet some of the Food Standards by offering healthy food and beverages at meetings and events and in vending machines.

Use the information and resources provided below to implement the Food Standards at your City agency, university, hospital, organization, or other institution. Learn more about our work in hospitals through the Healthy Hospital Food Initiative.

Meals/Snacks Purchased and Served

These standards apply to over 240 million meals and snacks served annually at schools, senior centers, homeless shelters, child care centers, after school programs, correctional facilities, public hospitals, and other New York City agency facilities and programs. They were enacted September 2008 and last revised in December 2017.

The Health Department developed posters and fact sheets to educate clients about the benefits of healthy eating and make them aware of the changes to the meals and snacks served at City agencies.

Resources for Implementation

Meetings and Events

These standards apply to foods and beverages served at meetings and events sponsored by City agencies. They have been in effect since March 2013 and were revised in December 2017.

Resources for Implementation

Beverage Vending Machines

These standards apply to all beverage vending machines contracted by City agencies. The Standards for Beverage Vending Machines were enacted May 2009, pursuant to Executive Order 122.

Resources for Implementation

Food Vending Machines

These standards apply to all food vending machines on City property that and have been in effect since December 2011.

Resources for Implementation


These standards apply to commissaries in City correctional facilities and have been in effect since March 2013.

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