Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

Children and pets often find plants appealing and may eat the leaves. Some plants are completely safe but some are poisonous if swallowed.

What symptoms can occur if a poisonous plant is swallowed?

Symptoms range from mild stomachache, skin rash, or swelling of the mouth and throat and progress to cause damage to organs. Check with the poison control center or a local florist to make sure the plants in your home are safe.

What can I do to prevent plant poisonings?

The NYC Poison Control Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for treatment advice about exposures to poisons or questions about medicine safety. Pharmacists and nurses certified in poison information are there to give advice. All calls are free and confidential. Translator services are provided in more than 150 languages. Call any time at 1-800-222-1222 or 212-POISONS (212-764-7667).

Which Plants Are Poisonous to People?
Anemone Angel Trumpet Tree Apricot Kernels
Arrowhead Azaleas Betel Nut Palm
Bittersweet Buckeye Buttercups
Caladium Calla Lily Castor Bean
Cherries-Wild Crocus, Autumn Daffodil
Daphne Delphinium Devil's Ivy
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Elderberry Elephant Ear
English Ivy Four O'clock Foxglove
Holly Berries Horsetail Reed Hyacinth
Hydrangea Iris Ivy
Jack In The Pulpit Jequirity Bean Or Pea Jerusalem Cherry
Jessamine Jimson Weed Jonquil
Lantana Camara Larkspur Laurels
Lily Of The Valley Lobelia Mayapple
Mistletoe Moonseed Monkshood
Morning Glory Mother In Law Mushrooms
Narcissus Nightshade Oleander
Periwinkle Peyote Philodendron
Poison Hemlock Poison Ivy Poison Oak
Poppy Pokeweed Potato Sprouts
Primrose Ranunculus Rhododendron
Rhubarb Leaves Rosary Pea Tobacco
Tomato Vines Tulip Water Hemlock
Wisteria Yew

Which Plants Are Non-Poisonous to People?

The following plants are considered safe but any plant may cause an unexpected reaction in certain people:
Which Plants Are Non-Poisonous to People?
Abelia African Daisy African Palm
African Violet Airplane Plant Aluminum Plant
Aralia Asparagus Fern Aspidistra
Aster Baby's Breath Bachelor Buttons
Bamboo Begonia Birds Nest Fern
Blood Leaf Plant Boston Ferns Bougainvillea
Cactus-Certain Varieties California Holly Camellia
Christmas Cactus Coleus Species Corn Plant
Crab Apples Creeping Charlie Creeping Jennie, Moneywort, Lysima
Dahlia Daisies Dandelion
Dogwood Dracaenay Echeveria
Eucalyptus Eugenia Gardenia
Grape Ivy Grape Ivy Hens & Chicks
Hoya Jade Plant Lily (Day, Easter, Or Tiger)
Lipstick Plant Magnolia Marigold
Monkey Plant Norfolk Island Pine Peperomia
Petunia Prayer Plant Purple Passion
Purple Passion Pyrocantha Rose
Sansevieria Schefflera Sensitive Plant
Spider Plant Swedish Ivy Wandering Jew
Weeping Fig Weeping Willow Wild Onion
Zebra Plant

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