Prenatal Care

Care during pregnancy:

  • is called prenatal care
  • should start as soon as you are pregnant
  • means regular visits to the doctor or other health care provider

At these visits you will learn about:

  • how your body works at this special time
  • your health and the health of your baby
  • which foods and activities will keep you feeling good
  • which foods and activities to avoid

At your first prenatal visit, the doctor may:

  • give you a general physical check-up
  • talk to you about how you are feeling
  • ask you about your health history
  • test your blood and urine

At a later prenatal visit, you will learn about:

  • how your baby is growing
  • the signs of labor
  • what to do when labor starts
  • counseling services to help you with any problems while your are pregnant

Some health problems could affect you and your baby without you knowing about them. In case there is such a problem, prenatal care can help your doctor or other health care provider find it and treat it, so it doesn't cause you or your baby to be sick. Do not smoke , drink alcohol or use drugs during pregnancy.

How to Find a Doctor