Responsible Dog Ownership

Dog Owners should be responsible for their pets and never allow their dog to menace or threaten. To be a responsible dog owner in New York City, you must:

  • Vaccinate your dog against rabies
  • Spay or neuter your dog to reduce aggression.
    Studies show neutered animals are less likely to bite.
  • License your dog with the DOHMH
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Train your dog to learn basic commands and how to be
    well behaved around others
  • Socialize your dog with other people, pets and places
  • Supervise children around your dog
  • Supervise your dog and never put your dog in a position where the dog
    may be teased or threatened which may excite the dog to bite
  • Provide your dog with exercise, food, attention and maintain in good health
  • Don’t engage in aggressive games such as tug of war with your dog
  • Don’t allow your dog to behave aggressively behind a fence when
    people walk by