Employee Smoking Cessation Assistance Program (ESCAPE)

ESCAPE is a resource available at no charge for all eligible New York City employees who would like to quit smoking.

How does ESCAPE work?

Making a decision to quit is the first and most important step in successfully quitting. Here is what will happen with you enroll with ESCAPE:

  1. You will talk with a Tobacco Treatment Specialist who will ask you questions about your smoking history and your health.
  2. Based on the information you provide, the Tobacco Treatment Specialist will make recommendations on the best approaches for quitting smoking and help you choose the best treatment.
  3. The recommendations may include no cost nicotine replacement therapies* and/or non-nicotine pharmacotherapy medications and/or counseling.
  4. You will receive free information on quitting.

The ESCAPE program is a personalized and confidential service to meet your needs. “Confidential” means that we do not to reveal your participation in the program to anyone unless we have your permission. ESCAPE poster (PDF)

How do you enroll in ESCAPE?

  1. Call us at 212-676-2393 to make an appointment.
  2. Or drop in to see us Wednesday from 11am - 5pm at:

    Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention & Tobacco Control
    42-09 28th Street, 11th Floor
    Queens, NY 11101
    • Bus: Q32, Q60 Train: E,M,R,7,N,Q,G
    • Stop: Queensboro plaza or Queens Plaza

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