Student and Day Care Vaccinations

Whether your child attends day care, Head Start, pre-K or nursery school - or public, private or parochial school - he or she must receive certain vaccines.

The City and State require students aged 2 months to 18 years to get vaccines at specific grade levels. These requirements are based on federal recommendations.

Making sure that your child is vaccinated protects his or her health, as well as other students' health. It is also important to your child's education; students who do not meet requirements will be sent home, unless they have a approved medical or religious exemption.

Vaccination requirements can be complex. Some dosage requirements depend on when your child began receiving vaccines and how many doses of a vaccine he or she has already had. If your child is catching up on vaccines, he or she will be on a different vaccine schedule than children who received vaccines as babies. If you are unsure about your child's status, it's best to talk to your healthcare provider.

If you need help finding locations to vaccinate your child or help finding your child a healthcare provider, call 311.

Please Note: New York City and New York State recently expanded the vaccine requirements for children enrolled in day care and school. Even if you child had all required vaccines last year, he or she may need additional vaccines to attend school this year.

Vaccine Requirements

Between July 1 and December 31 of each year, all children who are between the ages of 6 months and 59 months and attending a New York City licensed day care, Head Start, pre-K or nursery school, must receive one dose of flu vaccine.

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