Teen Sexual Health

If you're thinking about having sex, what should you know? Wondering what it would be like to visit a clinic for an STI test or birth control?

Need a place to go? Find a sexual health clinics for teens.

Learn about how teens are navigating and communicating sexual consent.


Crisis Text Line: Free, 24/7 confidential texting available for all teens in NYC through Crisis Text Line (CTL): TEXT 'GO' TO 741-741.

Chris' Story

Chris and Diana are in a steady, happy relationship. But suddenly Diana accuses him of giving her an STD. How could that happen?

Samantha's Story

Samantha and Ritchie have been together 5 months. He's sweet, attentive, and really cute. So why is she having feelings for her friend Alisha?

Jennifer and Jonathan's Story

Jennifer and Jonathan are the perfect couple. But one wrong choice can change everything. Now what are they going to do?

Anaya's Story

On their six month anniversary, Anaya and Louis have sex for the first time. The next day, she remembers he didn't use a condom. Now what?